Who is Hinterland Properties?

Hinterland Properties is a land investing company based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. We buy Mississippi land, Louisiana land, Wisconsin land, and raw and vacant land throughout the United States. Our mission is to help struggling property owners sell their land fast and alleviate their real estate headaches. We understand that property taxes, maintenance, and distance can make owning land a hassle and we’re here to help. We help by making it as simple as possible to sell land by owner; we have streamlined the closing process to minimize paperwork, time, and headaches.

Right now Hinterland Properties is buying land in Mississippi, Louisiana, Wisconsin, and all other states. To request a cash offer for your vacant land, raw land, or lot, submit your information on our simple online form today.

How long will it take to receive an offer?

Our website is monitored daily for submissions. After you submit a request to sell your land or property to us, you can expect an offer within 5-7 business days if your property fits our investment criteria.

What happens once I agree to the offer? 

If you agree with our offer, congrats, you’re well on your way to sell your land fast! From there, you’ll only have to sign a few sheets of paper and collect the check for your land!

To be more specific, we’ll send you a brief Purchase and Sale Agreement that outlines our offer, the purchase price, time frame, and similar logistical details. After that, we’ll take a week or two to research your property to ensure we can locate the property, the title is clear, there is (or isn’t) access to the land…etc. Once the research is complete, we will schedule a notary to meet with you, notarize your signing of the deed, and then you collect your check! It’s really as simple as that.

What does Hinterland Properties do with your land?

Hinterland Properties may take one of many paths with your land depending on its characteristics and how it fits our portfolio. These options include holding for the long term, leasing, developing, or selling. If we decide not to hold onto the property for long term growth, we will work to find a new owner that will enjoy the land.

What does Hinterland mean?

“Hinterland” is a German phrase for the unchartered land beyond a body of water, especially a coast or river. We’ve chosen this name because it fits our passion for raw and rural land and our home location, Louisiana.